Monday, February 27, 2006

Building Takes Time

We're building. Nothing huge or fancy, but something I think is amazing! We're building a cottage office for me. In the process, I'm learning lots about building and lots about me. The two most glaring lessons to date.... Building takes time. I'm impatient.

This applies not only to my cottage, but also to my ministry. Someone told me recently that I'm a "big idea" person. They are probably right. I can envision Cypress Arts in a much different place than it is now. I'm excited about the potential that is there. But, I want to see it all realized now.

The reality is, of course, that that won't happen. And it shouldn't. There are too many lessons that I and others would miss along the way. So, I've been starting to pray - to pray that the Lord will help me to stop fidgetting and squirming and being unsatisfied with the right now. And to instead, hold on really tightly to the vision that He's given and know that the day will come when I move my desk in and I'm working in my office, and that the arts are flourishing at Cypress with even more people's lives being changed weekly as a result of it.

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