Thursday, July 19, 2007

Practice what we preach?

Something I've been chewing on a lot lately is the idea of integrity as artists in the church. We are the ones who week in and week out stand before the congregation and proclaim the message for that week. Are we living it Monday through Saturday?

I'm talking about some really practical ways. If we're presenting a service on community and the importance of what we at Cypress call "Next Step Partnerships" because of their ability to help us grow in our relationship with God... are we each IN a Next Step Partnership? If we're talking about the importance of extending grace to people outside of our walls, are we supporting our Extension ministry and serving downtown, supporting our efforts in Haiti and Kenya? If we're encouraging the church to "Just walk across the room" have we gone through that training? and more importantly... are we walking across the room and developing relationships with seekers?

This seems so simple to me, yet it also seems to be where the rubber meets the road. Do we truly practice what we preach? Or do we really, in our heart of hearts, think that preaching it is enough?

Are we taking time to live OUR relationship with God or are we too busy telling others to do so that we don't?

I did not send these prophets,
yet they have run with their message;
I did not speak to them,
yet they have prophesied.

But if they had stood in my council,
they would have proclaimed my words to my people Jeremiah 23:21-22

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