Sunday, March 08, 2009

See you!

A few months back Connor was busy "playing blocks" and I heard him call over to me "Mommy - see you!". I turned and saw this:

Of course it made me laugh and, obviously, grab my camera. But, more importantly, it's got me thinking.

For the past several months I've noticed an ability that I have, one I'm rather good at, in fact, that I wish weren't the case at all.

I can spend hours with a person and not really "see" them. How is that possible?! How can I be in the same room with my husband, even engaged in conversation and miss the smile in his eyes over the huge accomplishment he's just made? Or how can I sit and play with my sons and not see the wonder of the new discoveries they are making almost every moment?! Or how can I share lunch with a friend and miss the fear they have bottled up inside over an upcoming medical diagnosis? When I stop and realize that I'm doing this it just makes me angry!

The answer is, of course, that my mind is so busy racing on all of the "busy-ness" of life: errands to be run, calls to be made, services to be planned, sets to be designed, artists to be booked, blogs to be written, bills to be paid, etc. that my focus is on my to-do list, my agenda rather than on the amazing person I'm sharing the moment with.

My friend, Randy Elrod, talks about the difference between minutes and moments. That difference is huge. I think that truly "seeing you" is a big part of making sure that minutes are moments.

I don't want my life to be measured by minutes. I want it to be so full of moments that there wouldn't be enough space in the blogosphere to capture them all.

Life is short and it is so full of things vying for my time that I don't want to miss a single moment of the important stuff. So, the next time we're together, if I'm not really there with you in the moment please, call me on it. Tell me I'm not seeing you.

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