Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Something to say

Some days I feel like I have so much to say that I'm going to explode.  Believe me, my husband has experienced this phenomenon.  It is behind the fact that I author 4 blogs, have currently 3 different journals going and as my mom always said I can "summarize a 2 hour movie in 4 hours."  For me so much of life is in the detail, the nuance.  

I was reminded of all of this again today as I started reading the life story of Nancy, a girl in Nikuru, Kenya.  She tells her story in beautiful detail.  A lot of her story is the same as everyone else's.  She was welcomed into a loving family at birth, shared traditional celebrations and experienced the fun of having older brothers.  But, her story is different.  It is her story.  Her reality.  No one knows it as she does or can tell it as clearly, beautifully or passionately as she can. 

It reminded me that every time I hear the voice in my head that challenges that no one will want to hear my story that that is not my responsibility.  My responsibility is to tell my story as beautifully, clearly, and artistically as possible.  

Think about it, I have been given the gift of knowing the story of a girl a world away that I may never meet but who has now touched me and taught me things she will never realize.  So, what do you have to say?  And what keeps you from saying it?

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