Friday, November 13, 2009

Getting the word out

At my church this weekend we are rolling out our invitation tools for our Christmas production this year, Me & My Drum.

Take a look at the video we've created for sharing and let me know what you think:

I'm really excited about our program this year! We are again finding a fun and creative way to tell the story of God's love for us demonstrated by sending us His Son.

We have an awesome cast!
The service and script were created by an amazing team that was so much fun to work with!
Some awesome guys have already been putting in lots of hours creating very cool props we need.
And there will be a high cool factor to the program.

Let's just say that if you like the percussion styles of Blue Man Group, you will like Me & My Drum.

By the way, you can already go to the Cypress Meadows web site and reserve your tickets.

We have learned over the years that the very best way for people to hear about our program is through personal invitation.

My hope is that if you like what you see here you'll forward the video and link for ordering tickets to people you know and let them know about the program as well.

If you are able to join us for the production, I hope you'll track me down afterward and let me know your thoughts.

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