Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Gratituesday - The Journey

As we have begun November I am so thrilled to see a resurgence of gratitude all over social media! This week as I have been pondering the things for which I am grateful one thought continues to rise to the surface. I am so grateful for the journey.

Like most of us, I spent years waiting to "arrive", certain that the next event or relationship would give me the contentment I was looking for. I turned back at one point to find I had missed out on so much. That was when I began to see the value in my journey.

There are somethings that I've noticed... first, I am and will likely continue to be a goal driven person so I will often battle the need to "arrive."

Second, there are many places in my journey that the path took turns I would never have chosen for myself. But I would also not trade them for anything. Those turns are places where God was able to teach me things I probably wouldn't have learned otherwise.

Finally, I am finding that the richness in life lies in appreciating each step while I am there. And while many people ahead of me in their journey told me this "secret of life" before, this is one of those that you learn on your own in your own time.

My prayer is that I can take each next step in confidence in my Guide trusting that the turns I'm afraid of He will walk with me through and that I will continue to see the beauty and grace along each step of the path. And that is my prayer for you as well.

[image by kazatzka]

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