Thursday, February 15, 2007

Random Shout-Outs

This morning as I came in to the office I was listening to my new Brenton Brown CD (compliments of EMI - Thank you!) and I found myself really worshipping in my car. I just love that! And I've missed it. And it got me to thinking of some people who God has used to help me start getting back to feeling like myself. And these people should be thanked. Some of them will never read this and never know that God used them, but I'd like to recognize them at least here in the internet universe.

First, Douglas who helped me recognize the fog I was living in and challenged me to find my way out. Randy, Chonda, Jacque, Cheryl, Laura and Frank who all helped me to know that it's not only ok but normal to get in that fog sometimes because as one of them said so well... ministry is emotionally hard. What a huge statement that is. And my current favorite worshippers Brenton Brown, Keith and Krystyn Getty and Matt Maher who so beautifully put to words so many of the things my heart was aching to say.

Oh, and I almost forgot... John Voelz. I know this is what God has called me to... but it feels weird to be one of few gals doing it. Thanks for making me feel welcome in the predominantly guy world of creative arts directors. Look! I figured out how to post pics in blogger!!! :)

Thank you all! And whatever you do, don't you dare ever stop letting God use you. Ministry is emotionally hard but know that there will always be someone who needs your wisdom, encouragement or for you to just put words to their hearts. Thank you!


John Voelz said...

wow. you made me cry this morning. those are sweet words, Deana. thanks for encouraging me. i was just telling my wife yesterday that i wish i had the chance to hang out with a few more people at re:create this year and get to know them. there are so many faces in my mind right now that i wish i at least shared a bus ride with. you are on that list. keep coming back. Tahni and i would like to get to know you. peace.

BarBarA said...

Hi, found you from Ethos, I must get this CD! Thanks for sharing about it.