Thursday, February 22, 2007

Lincoln Logs, Play-doh and Finger Paint

Each creative planning meeting I try to start with a question that will stimulate community building and/or creativity. I am sure that resources exist for these types of openers/icebreakers, but that would be way too easy! As always, I must reinvent the wheel and come up with my own.

This week I decided to ask my team "if I were to give you the options of Lincoln Logs, Play-doh and Finger Paints which would you choose and why?" The responses were very interesting and shed a little light on our team dynamics. We had one finger painter, one sculptor and two Lincoln Loggers.

What a cool dynamic to have people who "play" in different ways. This is evident in how we approach service planning and is also helpful in knowing more of how each of us is wired.

So, what do you choose?

BTW, I'm one of the two Lincoln Loggers.... Who would've guessed!

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kahealani said...

I LOVE lincoln logs. I didnt play to well as a kid so I was not allowed to play with them often. Well, I guess beating up the other kids for the small pieces was not "acceptable" behavior. ha ha.