Friday, May 14, 2010

David and Solomon - a lesson in leadership

Today as I was studying 1 Chronicles 22 I stumbled on a fabulous leadership lesson from David and Solomon.

David wanted to build the temple. God told him no and even gave him the reason. God told him not only that one of his sons would build it instead, but also specifically named which son. God made arrangements to keep the fighting with other peoples at bay while Solomon was on the throne so that he could work on the temple and devote his focus there and so that his hands would not be covered in blood as his father's were.

David made a great statement, (I Chron. 22:5) "My son... is young and inexperienced, and the [temple] must be great and all the lands. Therefore, I must make provision for it."

David's not going to build it, but he is going to set his son up to succeed.

Not only does David assemble materials for the building of the temple, he also assembles workers to do the building, and he gives Solomon some wise counsel going into the project and his reign as king. (vs. 11-13) He also challenged those who would follow Solomon's lead to be confident, to seek God and to get started.

Where is it that I lead people that God has called to do a thing that I am not called to do?

Am I providing everything I can for them? Am I giving them good instruction? Am I encouraging those that will work under them to follow not only their lead, but God's?

How about you?

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