Monday, December 28, 2009

Cause for Celebration

I hope you all had a truly wonderful Christmas full of great times with people you love and most especially times where you connected in a very real way with God.

As I have been bringing Christmas to a close and preparing to close out 2009 I wanted to update you on what we accomplished in our efforts to help Nancy and Monica build a house and start a new business.

We raised a total of $155. Which means that with the matching donation we were given, we have met our goal and Nancy and Monica will have the $305 they need.

"Thank you" doesn't begin to express how much I have appreciated the opportunity to participate in this effort with you. Every single donation has a story behind it and I have been moved to tears more than once as I saw people give.

Thank you! Thank you! What a great gift to give these two lovely ladies on the other side of the globe.

[image by McLoy2008]

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